Why so formal? You can call us TCOM.

Born before the big-box retailer and before anyone had heard of a dot com, Targetcom has its roots in response marketing.

Still relentlessly focused on results, today’s TCOM has evolved into a content/digital/performance marketing agency that inspires people to action — to click, to call, to watch, to like, to share, to create, to participate, and ultimately to do business with the brands we support.

Whether you’re a prospective client or employee, you should know a couple things about us: we’re fun to work with and we love tackling big, hairy business problems, not just marketing challenges.

Take a little scroll with us to learn more.

our space

Nestled high above Michigan Ave, our office has insanely magnificent views of the greatest city on earth. And the digs themselves are pretty sweet, too.

our people

Thinkers, dreamers, rockers, nerds, artists, builders, we got ’em all.
All dedicated to turning brands on in new and unexpected ways.

  • Tim Claffey:

    El Presidente, Truth Seeker, Filmmaker

  • Lori Graham:

    People Chief, Number Juggler, Hand Holder

  • Matt Morano:

    Strategy Guru, Account(s) Leader, Confidence Giver

  • David R. Mitchell:

    Creative Lynchpin, Fire Starter, Bulldogger

  • Alicia Newland:

    Brand Builder, Client Partner, Baby Wrangler

  • Len Hartz:

    New Biz Boss, Agency Positioner, Fantasy Commissioner

  • Bridget Ehmann:

    Digital Maven, Design Perfecter, Trendsetter

  • Matt Siegel:

    Production Pro, Multi-tasker, Music Pirater

  • Carrie Whalen:

    Wordsmith, Thinker Upper, Laugh Lover

  • Cathy Hughes:

    Delivery Goddess, Air Traffic Controller, Marker Sniffer

  • Clarke Mills:

    IT Genius, Quality Controller, Office Rocker

  • Jessica Hennis:

    Account Ace, Relationshipper, Wine Sipper

our clients

We think of them as partners, collaborators, conspirators in lifting their brands to new heights of relevancy and success with today’s always-on consumers.

  • Lifecycle Communications Program development and execution

  • Credit Card Acquisition Programs

  • Annual Conference + Expo Promotion

  • Integrated Brand + Lead Generation Campaigns

  • Interactive Presentations for New Student Acquisition

  • Lead Generation Programs (Direct Mail, Email + Mobile)

  • Integrated Brand + Lead Generation Campaigns

  • Global Website, Branding + New Product Launches

  • Custom Glove Application

our work

Here’s a highlight reel of some of the work that’s inspired people to engage with the brands we know and love so well.

our thing(s)

Whether it’s consumer awareness, customer acquisition, activation, optimization, retention or win-back, it all comes down to strategy, concept and delivery.


We do our homework, find the true problem, gather meaningful insights, then turn those insights into an actionable strategy.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Positioning
  • Naming/Identity
  • Key Messaging
  • Value Propositions
  • Market Research
  • Segmentation
  • Performance
  • Optimization


We develop a central, organizing idea, then bring that idea to life visually and verbally. All designed to inspire people to action.


  • Art/Design/Copy
  • Experience Design
  • Content Dev
  • TV/Video
  • Websites
  • Interactive Ads
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • CRM/Email
  • Print, OOH, Transit
  • Social Marketing


We make the stuff; websites get built, spots get shot and edited, ads get produced and trafficked with great attention to detail.


  • Video Shoots
  • Editing/Music/VO
  • Art Buying
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Print Production
  • Front End Dev
  • Trafficking

our digits

Let’s talk about growing together. For clients, that means growing your brand. For prospective employees, that means growing your career.
Give us a holla.

Len Hartz, Biz Dev